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What can you do if your spouse hid assets during divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | divorce | 0 comments

It can be extremely upsetting to find out that your spouse hid assets during your divorce, especially if you settled for less than you should have received. Fortunately, it is possible to go back to court if you find out where those assets were hidden and that your spouse has sold or still has them.

If a court finds out that someone hid assets during the divorce, they can do a few different things. They could penalize the individual financially in some cases. They could award you the missing assets. They could do nothing in some cases. Depending on the facts involved in your case, the outcome could vary.

Is it worth going back to court over hidden assets?

Sometimes. You can ask for a modification of your divorce settlement if you feel that the assets that were withheld were significant enough to make a big difference in your case. For example, if your spouse hid a few pieces of work equipment off the record, it might not be helpful to go after those. If they hid a savings account with $100,000, it would be more worth your time to try to attempt to get your fair share.

How can you build a case for court?

If your ex-spouse hid assets, it’s helpful for you to think about gathering documentation. For example, you could grab screenshots from the internet or collect witness statements. You may want to gather videos or photos, too, if you can find them.

Anything with dates on it will be helpful, so you can prove that the item is still in your ex-spouse’s possession or the date that they sold it.

You deserve help if you’re asking to modify your settlement

If you want to go back to court over your divorce settlement, it’s reasonable to ask for help doing so. With the right documentation and good representation, you can make a solid case to the court to seek your fair share of your marital assets. It is fair for you to ask to get a piece of what was yours while you were married, especially since your ex-spouse hid those assets from the court.


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