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Anxiety: An unexpected side effect of getting divorced

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As you head into your divorce, you might expect to experience a range of confusing emotions. You probably even imagine you’ll feel sad and depressed. These emotions and many others are common side effects of divorce.

Another effect that most fail to anticipate is anxiety or feelings of fear and panic. Even those who want to end a troubled marriage must often struggle with divorce-related anxiety.

What are the sources of divorce anxiety?

It depends on the individual. Here is a reasonable definition of anxiety. A state of nervousness and worry, often accompanied by panic attacks or compulsive behaviors. So, the things that make you nervous about getting a divorce would be the sources of your anxiety.

Here are some examples that may cause anxiety during a divorce:

  • Fear of loneliness
  • Life without a spouse
  • Potential financial insecurity
  • Fears about your kids’ psychological health

For those prone to stage fright or public speaking, even the prospect of participating in formal divorce procedures can trigger an anxiety attack.

How does anxiety affect people?

In the long-term, chronic anxiety can lead to health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure and acid reflux. It can even cause stomach problems that impact your toileting habits. Many who suffer from anxiety also report chest pain, palpitations and rapid heart rates.

Another effect of anxiety is interference with your normal thinking process, or brain fog, as some say. It makes it harder to remember things or carry out the critical tasks associated with getting divorced.

If anxiety is plaguing your Kentucky divorce, please seek support or professional counseling and tell your legal advocate. Having this knowledge helps your counsel make sure your decisions are sound and that you understand every stage of your Kentucky divorce.


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