Now is the time to think about summer break and child custody

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When it comes to divorce, we have learned that it is impossible to plan for every little issue that may arise. Accordingly, we typically advise our clients not to even try this impossible task. It makes much better sense to think clearly about the bigger issues that accompany divorce. Child custody is one of the biggest issues as it has a powerful impact on vulnerable children.

Most divorcing parents put a lot of effort into creating parenting plans and joint child custody arrangements that meet their child’s needs. They often focus so hard on creating an effective everyday schedule that they may overlook special occasions like summer break. Then when April or May approaches, they suddenly realize they have failed to factor summer into their plan.

At this time of year, we like to advise all of our readers to start thinking about summer break and how it fits into their child custody plans. Whether you are newly divorced or are simply expecting changes in the summer months now is the time to start planning if you have not already done so. Go over your work schedules, your vacation plans and ask your kinds if they have any special things they want to do over the summer.

Finally, talk to your co-parent about his or her plans and expectations. Together, you can work out an arrangement that accommodates everyone in the family. A family law attorney can help you make these modifications within the bounds of Kentucky law so that everyone in your family can have a wonderful summer.

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