What is bird’s nest child custody and does it work?

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One of the many concerns divorcing parents in Kentucky share is the impact their actions will have on their children. Child custody often takes center stage as parents worry about how the divorce will affect their kids. In a time that is already difficult and emotionally challenging, moving the kids from one home to another on a regular basis seems anti-productive. As a result, many parents have begun to consider bird’s nest custody as an alternative to traditional child custody arrangements.

Bird’s nest child custody keeps the children in the home to which they are accustomed. Instead of shuffling the kids back and forth between residences, the parents take turns residing in the family home with their children. If the parents are willing to use a single separate residence during noncustodial periods, this type of custody may be quite affordable. If the parents each want their own residence during noncustodial periods, the costs will increase.

As far as whether it works, well, like many other situations, it will depend upon the individuals involved. Bird’s nest child custody can certainly work, but it will probably require a high degree of cooperation between the two parents. If the parents are unable or unwilling to work together, this arrangement could negate any associated benefits such as providing children with a safe and stable home life.

If you and your ex are considering bird’s nest child custody, you will benefit from talking with a family law attorney. In the end, what matters most is meeting your children’s needs. With two willing and loving parents, any custody arrangement can work and a lawyer can help ensure your custody plan is fair and balanced.

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