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What factors are considered with best interests of the child?

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Kentucky couples who have a child and have ended their relationship will often be in dispute over child custody. Obviously, co-parenting and sharing parenting time is often beneficial for the parents and child. However, the decision as to which parent will be granted primary custody is often the foundation for rancor and disagreement.

Many factors are involved when the court decides which parent will be given custody. A key is the best interests of the child. Knowing what is considered when determining the best interests of the child can help to understand how that decision is made.

The parents will undoubtedly have their own desires when child custody is decided on. Their wishes, as well as the wishes of a de facto custodian, will be considered. The child will have wishes as to which parent he or she will live with. The child’s maturity and ability to contribute to the decision will be part of his or her input and how much weight it is given. The child and the parents will have an established relationship with interactions and perhaps siblings and relatives — this will be part of the decision.

A child will need to adjust to the new situation, a new home, school and community — that will be part of the process. Health issues could be concerning, including the mental and physical health of everyone involved with the case.

If there has been domestic violence or other issues in the past that will be assessed. Caring, nurturing and supporting the child be a de facto custodian is analyzed by the court. When the child is placed with a custodian, the intentions of the parents will be considered. Finally, if there was a custodian, the situation and whether the parents are seeking custody, as well as why there was a custodian in the first place, will be factored in.

The child’s best possible situation will be the prevailing consideration. When there is a child custody case, it is wise for the parents to have legal assistance to handle the situation. A law firm that is experienced in all areas of child custody can help.


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