Pick your battles wisely when divorcing

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In a Kentucky divorce, the actions and words of the spouses may dictate whether the case can be settled through an agreement or go to court. Spouses can have an impact on this with how they act. If they treat the other with disrespect, it may motivate the other spouse to try to get even by litigating the divorce.

The core principle of taking the high road means treating the other spouse with respect. This can be done through words and actions. Spouses should make sure to talk to each other in a professional manner, avoiding personal accusations and name-calling at all costs. They must put the personal circumstances of the divorce aside, even if there are hurt feelings. If there are children, parents should communicate openly about the children, making sure to remain as transparent as possible. At the same time, spouses should be flexible when it comes to schedule changes.

One of the best things that a spouse can do is choose their battles wisely in a divorce. Sometimes, it is best to walk away from an individual fight; many fights are simply not worth it, and winning on principle still may be a loss in the long run. Spouses must focus on the long term as opposed to short-term gratification.

A divorce attorney may help keep their client grounded to keep them from hurting both their own cause and any post-divorce relationship. The attorney may lend their sense of perspective to help their client choose what is really worth fighting about. This might increase the chances that a divorce can stay out of court and be resolved amicably. This will likely save money and result in a stronger post-divorce relationship.

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