Why some parents divorce after children leave home

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Divorce is on the rise among people over 50, and the empty nest could be a contributor. Once their children leave home, parents in Kentucky may find that they are not the same people they once were, and they might have little in common. They may have stopped viewing one another romantically and only see each other as parents.

While this could be a time for some couples to get back to the things they enjoyed before having children, some may find that focusing on the children was a way for them to ignore issues that threatened their marriage. One sign that the marriage could be in trouble is the withdrawal of one or both individuals into hobbies or other activities that do not include the other. Parents may want to make an extra effort to find ways to reconnect with one another as their children get older.

These efforts to reconnect can start long before the nest is actually empty. Just as they would with finances or other issues, couples can start talking about long-term plans and strategies. These plans can include what they want their lifestyle to be like after the children are out of the house as well as what they hope retirement will be like.

Sometimes, despite these efforts, couples may simply find that they are unable to reconnect. This could lead to an amicable divorce in which they are able to negotiate an agreement on property division instead of going to court. With their children out of the home, they will not need to make a plan for child custody or support, but they might want to talk about continuing to help their children financially with school and other costs, such as health care or a wedding, even though divorcing parents are not required to address these issues.

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