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How can parents negotiate a fair joint custody agreement?

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While divorced parents in Kentucky might not like the idea of joint custody, it’s often the best decision for the child. At first, the parents might find it difficult to cooperate with a former partner whom they don’t want to see again. But if both parties are willing to make it work, they might find that joint custody is a beneficial arrangement for everyone involved.

How can divorced parents make joint custody work?

During custody negotiations, parents should set their personal feelings aside and realize that they need to put their child first. In some cases, this can mean making compromises or interacting with their former spouse. When parents step back and consider their child’s feelings, it can be easier for them to agree to a joint custody arrangement.

Additionally, parents should figure out the best way to communicate. If they don’t want to talk face to face, they can use text messages or email. They can even use a third-party app if they don’t want to exchange phone numbers. They might not want to talk to each other, but staying in touch can help both parents stay informed about their child’s life. It also makes it easier for them to contact each other if there’s an emergency.

What’s the best way to negotiate a child custody agreement?

Hiring a family law attorney may be beneficial for you and your child during a divorce. An attorney may look at the situation objectively and help you act in your child’s best interest without putting your feelings first. Your attorney might also help you plan a custody arrangement and figure out a schedule that suits everyone. If your former spouse is an unfit parent, your attorney may be able to help you pursue sole physical and legal custody of your child.


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