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Parenting plans are the new norm in Kentucky divorce cases

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Gone are days when divorces resulted in the mother of dependent children automatically receiving full custody. As social norms have changed, so have the ways in which children are protected and their rights are enforced in divorce proceedings. The historical format was for a judge to make all final decisions regarding the rights and responsibilities following the divorce, but today, family courts in Kentucky encourage the use of mediation regarding family financial issues and child custody. This includes what is termed as a parenting plan.

What is a parenting plan?

Parenting plans often include much more than designated visitation for either parent at specific internals. While this can still be the basic agreement for child custody between the parents, it can also state specifically what happens when holidays come around or include specific responsibilities regarding the children during their development. Special needs children care is a primary example of how a parenting plan can be tailored for the benefit of the child, and such a plan helps each parent understand their responsibilities going forward.

Flexibility provisions

While a parenting plan is included in a final court order at the time a divorce becomes official, it can still provide flexibility regarding living arrangements during certain seasons. Children need a primary residence for school purposes and other social activities, but visitation with parents who live in different communities can be addressed as well. Many times, this results in a joint custody arrangement. Joint custody is actually much more common in contemporary society when conditions allow court agreement with the arrangement, and it often allows children to build stronger relationships with each parent.

Divorce attorneys in Kentucky who represent clients with special concerns regarding child custody after a divorce emphasize that the parenting plan model can save time for those wanting a quick resolution to their legal proceedings. A parenting plan can also save financial resources as well by keeping a proceeding from dragging out over divorce details. Additionally, it also shows a responsible approach in going forward with life for the entire family, which family court judges tend to appreciate when issuing a ruling.


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