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Are daughters better off living with their mothers after divorce?

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People often assume that if all your children are female, they should live with the mother if you divorce. Many look upon it as a foregone conclusion that a judge will think the same.


Each judge may tend to think in a certain way. However, the law does not assume that girls should live with mothers.


Dads are as important to children as mothers


Recent research found girls who have a strong relationship with their fathers stay in their lives gain significant advantages. The study found they grew up to have fewer issues with male partners or mental health and had better financial success.


When people claim a father cannot raise their children, they use stereotypes to back them up. Here are a few:


      Dads cannot do hair: When both parents are present, the mother might brush their daughter’s hair. It does not mean a dad cannot learn. Many females entrust their hair to a male stylist.


      Dads cannot dress their daughters: Again, a mother may take charge of this role. Yet, many of the top fashion designers are male. While there is no doubt that some men have an awful fashion sense, so do some women.


      Dads cannot cook: Many men cook as much or more than their female partners nowadays. The restaurant industry has far more male chefs than females.


      Dads cannot discuss women’s matters: It may be easier for a daughter to discuss specific issues with her mother. Yet, many women go to male gynecologists or physicians for advice on intimate matters.


When creating your parenting plan, you need to consider many factors to decide how you share time with your children. Outdated gender stereotypes should not be one of those factors.


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