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2 tools that can make co-parenting easier for your family 

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Disagreements during shared custody are incredibly common. No matter how good your intentions may be, your emotions may get the better of you while co-parenting with your ex. You could get into arguments that turn into fights when exchanging custody or start fighting over the phone when you have to make a decision, like whether your child can join a sports team at school. 

Thankfully, with divorce being so common, there are now more tools available to help divorced parents make their parenting relationship work. Either of the tools below could help you and your ex minimize the conflict you have with one another after your divorce.

A co-parenting app

There are numerous different co-parenting apps available for a reason. Co-parenting apps make it easy for the two of you to organize how you share custody and keep all of your communication in one centralized location. 

Using a co-parenting app for all communication at first can drastically reduce the stress on your relationship. It also makes it easier for parents to quickly check the schedule and request minor changes when something comes up, all with a written record of each interaction and adjustment. 

Co-parenting therapy

It could be difficult for loving parents to set aside their anger with one another about the end of their marriage. A co-parenting counselor can help adults work through their conflicts and develop better communication systems. They can serve as an intermediary who can help you rebuild a better relationship that centers around your children. 

Both of these valuable tools can make your shared custody arrangements a little easier for the two of you to manage. When you work well together and have less stress, both of you can then be more present for your children. 


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