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Your ex may be a better parent after your divorce

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It is safe to assume that people agree, at least in theory, that fathers can be just as good at parenting as their female counterparts are. Still, when divorce lands on the table, many mothers worry about child custody.

Many mothers worry more about the parenting skills of the child’s father than they do about losing their kids. Some moms have trouble accepting a child custody order because they fear their children will suffer when spending time with the other parent.

Research indicates divorced dads are better at parenting

Despite growing equality between men and women, mothers still take on most of the tasks required for child-rearing in a marriage. In turn, many fathers are content to earn an income and provide for the family’s material needs.

However, research has shown that more dads than not step up and perform child-rearing tasks admirably after a divorce. One researcher found that overall, non-residential fathers of today have tripled their involvement with their children compared to dads in the 1970s.

Why are many fathers better at parenting after a divorce?

The reasons vary, but most dads have more opportunities to parent once the divorce concludes. Before the divorce, their co-parent performed most parenting tasks, but now they know they must also contribute.

Importantly, fathers enjoy the time they spend with their children, even when performing domestic tasks like making dinner or bathing. In turn, children benefit greatly from spending undivided time with both parents.

Moms, it’s only natural to worry about what goes on with your children when you are not there. Hopefully, this post can help you set aside your fears and let the relationship between your kids and your co-parent continue to flourish. If you have valid concerns about your co-parent, learn more about Kentucky child custody laws.


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