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3 tips for telling your kids that you’re getting divorced

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | divorce | 0 comments

Talking about divorce with your children is never easy. However, at some point, it must happen if you and your spouse have decided that’s the route you’re going to take.

Your kids deserve to know what is happening, and the details of the situation depend on their age. You must approach the topic carefully, so your kids don’t feel confused or stressed. Some tips to help you with this difficult conversation can be found here. 

1. Tell your kids all at once

Don’t tell some children about the divorce before others. Have a conversation when everyone is present. This will ensure that your kids all find out about the divorce from you, not someone else. 

2. Answer their questions

Your children are bound to have questions about what will happen after the divorce. Be sure to answer their questions and address any concerns they may have. For example, they may want to know if they have to change schools, move away from their friends and more. 

3. Provide plenty of reassurance

Children are often focused on themselves. Their worldview at a young age is self-centered. As a result, they may think they are to blame for your divorce. 

You know that this is not the case, but you should not assume your children know this. You may need to provide them with reassurance for a while. Let them know you love them and that they are not the reason you are getting a divorce. 

Helping your kids with divorce

The legal aspect of divorce is difficult and emotional. While this may be your main focus, don’t forget that the impact of a divorce can affect your children in many ways. Be sure to keep the tips and information above in mind, which will help you help your children with this transitional period. 


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